Cyber Liability Insurance

Q: In the event of a data breach, what is your first step? Can cyber liability insurance protect you?

– To protect the data to be transmitted to host devices and stop the transmission anyhow if the credentials include confidential information and PII’s. Otherwise, if the data is regular monitoring data that we have kept a backup, then we can inject the payload that will contaminate the whole data that host gets the malicious data and hence, cannot harm the organization. 

Alex, Incident Response
– The first step is to stay alert about the breach. reaching the target of victims with a communication plan is important and the breached company needs to send out notifications for customer awareness. Cyber liability insurance can only protect up to some extent and not include a loss in potential future profits that may be lost—due to reputation damage caused by a breach. 

Wolfram, Software Developer
– Secure the environment as much as possible and tell it to the next higher responsible person. Escalate it. 

Avishek, Data Scientist
– Follow protocols. No insurance can’t help. 

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