Become a Penetration Tester

Q. “I want to become a penetration tester, but the thing that worries me the most is where to experiment and practice my ethical hacking skills? Where to get the best hacking stories and practice?” 

Here is the answer from the community members of the SecPro on how to become a penetration tester:

Brandon: The search for relevant information is perhaps my biggest issue with regards to pentesting and ethical hacking. There are plenty of programs that allow ethical hacking, but fewer good sources of up-to-date information that is both trustworthy and will give you an edge in this competitive field. 

George: Start installing the most popular OS on a Virtual machine and follow the Packt tutorials. 

Prasoon: For a Beginner, TryHackme is an awesome platform to start with, and learning the basics they have various rooms where you can practice based on your skill level. Also, recommend eLearnsecurity/INE eJPT Certification for beginners. As you gain experience Hack the Box is the Best platform for experience Pentesters. 

Joe: I’ve found hands-on is essential in this business. I recommend two sources: enter free Capture-the-Flag contests and purchase a Tryhackme subscription (only $8/month if you have an .edu email or $10/month if not). Between these two sources and for minimal cost, you can learn and polish your pentesting skills in a safe environment. 

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