Defend against a DDoS attack

Q: How do you defend against a DDoS attack?

A DDoS attack is an attempt to overwhelm a target site with a high volume of Internet traffic. These attacks can be devestating to websites, especially ecommerce stores dependent on up-time to maintain their businesses.

We asked our experts about what they would do to help prevent DDoS attacks. Furthermore, we also asked them what services and tools they recommended. Reflecting on this, they shared the following on how to defend against a DDoS attack:
Our team uses Palo Alto firewalls. It does a really good job of throttling the attacks before they become a problem for the firewall and potentially overload it.   
– Jay, sole security practitioner 
Although our customers are small in size, we always recommend hiring a server-level DDoS Protection with the web hosting company. This helps us defend against these kind of issues.
– Alexandre, security services provider 
In my opinion, I would opt to use a third-party intermediary provider like Cloudflare. They help in defending against this kind of malicious tactic. 
– Michel, security analyst

The community wisdom indicates that this is a problem best mitigated by an intemediary provider. Furthermore, Palo Alto’s firewall product provides incredible protection against known attacks like DDos:

If you would like find out more information about this key issue then you can find out more at Cocero:

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