Machine Learning: a Cybersecurity Solution?

Q: Is machine learning a truly applicable solution to modern cybersecurity issues?

Here are the answers from the SecPro community members on Machine Learning: a Cybersecurity Solution?

Not sure. The term ‘machine learning’ covers many activities. It may detect anomalous activity, but it most likely will not detect heuristic anomalies well. It could be a valuable tool, but only when used alongside capable system administrators and well-trained and well-motivated colleagues. 
– Lars, Director

Yes, but within a specific context.  The data gathering and data combing (i.e., search through logs for exceptions and anomalies) is best done by a machine that doesn’t get tired. However, that means the organization must first define what parameters must be watched, and what decisions are to be supported. Buying an appliance with ML included doesn’t accomplish what the organization has to do for itself in advance of buying the technology.  
– John, Chief Scientist for Cybersecurity

I think it definitely will be as time goes on. Machine learning can run 24/7 and after it truly nails down the patterns of attack can be set to hunt for and install patches and run playbook-like protection measures. It would need the guidance of cybersecurity professionals but would make a great asset.  
– Meir, Network Administrator

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