Quantum Computing and the future of Cybersecurity

Q: How could quantum computing affect the future of cybersecurity?

Quantum computing would greatly affect cryptography. It would be able to defeat systems such as RSA and ECC which have been key to maintaining networks secured. It can definitely cripple online banking and e-commerce. 

  • Angelo, Cybersecurity Auditor 

In this day and age, cybersecurity to me feels like an on-going marathon. It’s you competing within a sea of competitors and bad actors. And, while I can’t say that quantum computing has applications for every SaaS company, computing specific and complex actions and functions may be a viable reason for adopting quantum computing in cybersecurity. 

To put it into perspective, we have bad actors who like to break in and abuse our platforms. These bad actors do this everywhere and its safe to say that no one is safe from bad actors trying to get their hands on something. That being said, it’s also very easy to get your hands on compute instances and servers nowadays and it’s relatively affordable, especially in small intervals. 

Should access to quantum computing fall into the hands of an adversary, who knows what could be possible. If the limitations of supercomputing are surpassed by that of quantum computing then there is definitely a need to improve and harden security on all levels and in all departments of company’s. It feeds into a personal paranoia while playing this game, the more advances we make in technology and security, the more advances our adversaries make in finding out how to bypass and evade the blocks and counter-measures put in place to secure environments and data. 

  • Patrick, Product Security Engineer 

QC will solve issues far too complex for classical computers to figure out, including solving the algorithms behind encryption keys that protect our data and the Internet’s infrastructure. 

  • Gonzalo, Cybersecurity Professional 

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