Zero Day Vulnerabilities

Q: Can you really prepare for zero day vulnerabilities?

I think so, by having in place an Information Security Management System (ISMS) in which the organization’s information assets have been reliably identified and the relevant security controls for such incidents have been implemented. 
Remember that, at all times, we must address the mitigation of vulnerabilities of this type of incident. 
– Antonio, Operations Manager 
It’s very hard to to prevent for zero day vulnerabilities but preparing to reduce the attack surface might lead you readiness to zero-day vulnerabilities. If is not discover, does not mean it is not vulnerable. 
However, we can use threat hunting to proactively improve security defenses. 
– Maher, First Responder in an MSS 
Yes, you prepare for anything by knowing everything. If you know what components are required by your architecture, and if your architecture is properly designed, you can turn off minimal functions while waiting for the permanent fix. 
– John, CTO 
I don’t think you really can but that’s one of the things I look to the newsletters for! I keep things as patched as I can and work to keep unused ports inaccessible but what do you do if a software flaw uses a commonly used port? I think you can only try and minimize what risks you can and monitor news of patches. I try to keep our products as patched as possible.  
– Meir, Network Administrator 

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